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Real Rstate - In Mind

Gwilym Mumford a écouté "In Mind" le quatrième opus du groupe "Real Estate". Son avis pour The Guardian.
Spoon review

A lire sur The Guardian, la critique du nouvel album de Spoon "Hot though".
Johnny Marr

It’s 29 years since the Smiths split up, and founding member Johnny Marr isn’t angry any more. So what happened when he and Morrissey met for a drink?
Phil Collins solo show

The star will headline the British Summer Time in Hyde Park in central London on 30 June.
Matt Healy

Slated, then feted, pop magpies the 1975 are riding high. Their frontman talks about ignoring critics, his Messiah complex and what really happened with Taylor Swift
Trainspotting 2

The tracklist for the Trainspotting sequel soundtrack album has been revealed ...
Julie Byrne

Julie Byrne might not make for the most reliable tenant – her restless side has seen her move home countless times in recent years...
Best albums in 2016

You’ve seen our end of year list and our track of the year. Now it’s time to look behind the scenes and discover the favourite albums and tracks of the ...
David Bowie - Raymond Briggs

The late, great singer’s filmed introduction to the animated Christmas movie might be one of the least well-known parts of his career. But Bowie was a huge fan of Raymond ...
Glastonbury Festival 2019

The Glastonbury festival will be moved from its home at Worthy Farm in 2019 to protect the site.
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